Meet the Press Sept 7 2008 Interview of Obama – Truth or False

Soldier of ChristI recently received an email stating that Barack Obama made comments on Meet The Press on September 7th 2008 regarding the flag of the United States.

Here is a copy of the email and please make sure to read my comments afterwards:

“This needs to be passed around!!!!!!. .

Subject:         Obama, the Flag, the Anthem 9/07/08 . .
From Sunday’s Televised ‘Meet the Press’ Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag. Obama Explains National Anthem Stance Sun, 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, General Bill Ginn’ USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain why he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played. The General also stated to the Senator that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171… During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. At the very least, ‘Stand and Face It’Senator Obama Live on Sunday states, ‘As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides, Obama said. ‘There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.’We should consider to reinvent our Nationa l Anthem as well as to redesign our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. My wife disrespects the Flag for many personal reasons. Together she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past, many years ago. She has her views and I have mine’.WHAAAAAAAT !!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it right. This could possibly be our next President.I, for one, am speechless. 
Dale Lindsborg, 
Washington Post”

Those who know me know I try to be a staunch defender of the truth. Truth is the only thing that matters to me. In reality I’m seeking God since God is Truth, Jesus is the Truth the way and the life.

I can safely say there are not many out there who dislike the policies of Obama more than myself. If you read my latest blog I go so far as to call his policies evil, hells agenda. I truly believe evil resides in the White House of this I am convinced. But with that said I have to come to Obama’s defense in this case. After thorough research I have come to the conclusion that this email pertaining to Obama and the flag is false at best and a lie at worst. There is absolutely no proof that he ever made such statements.  In fact the proof is to the contrary. You can see for yourself by going to the archives of Meet The Press for September 7th 2008:

Click Here To Read Transcript

Obama was not even on the show Sept 7th 2008. Joe Biden was a guest that day and he never mentions the flag at all. Read the transcript for yourself. In fact I did extensive research and I came up with absolutely NO evidence that Obama ever made any such comments.

So where did this email originate? It turns out it was originally written by a conservative blogger named John Semmens of Arizona in 2007. And unfortunately the article was pulled, taken down Click Here to see original page P.S. You won’t find it as it has been taken down.

Now I know this email was forwarded to me innocently and with good intent. But one major problem (among many) with the Internet is many people take statements and read blogs and emails and in many cases take it as gospel truth. But my thirst for truth commands and demands me to research everything and I mean everything that comes my way even if it means coming to the aid of and defending the enemy.

We don’t need falsehoods and misinformation to take down the enemy. The Sword of Truth will topple Obama and the Democrats. Unfortunately propaganda like this only aids the enemy. Obama and his kind are fighting the army of The Lord God most High. It’s a no win situation for the Democrats. Truth will prevail and they will be defeated. There is only one institution on earth that can stand up to Obama and the Democrats and it ain’t a human institution, it’s Divine. The Holy Catholic Church. Think about this, the Catholic Church has stood for 2000 years, She has stood up to the Roman Empire, The Barbarians Huns and Mongols, Muslims and Islam, Communisium, Nazisium, French Revolution, Mexican Revolution, Spanish Civil War, Mao Tse Tung and many many others. Many of these empires, movements and ideologies are long gone and have been destroyed and those that remain will meet the same fate.  But the Church is still standing and She will stand until the end of time. She is the light on the hill and she proclaims Truth which is unchanging and constant. Obama now has his sights set on the Holy Catholic Church with the enforcement of Obama Care with Birth Control and Abortion as a fundamental right. His goal is to weaken the authority of the Church with this law so the Church is basically stripped of any authority in public moral matters. I will save this topic for another time.

Mr Obama, you may have the powers of hell on your side but they are no match for the Kingdom of Heaven. Evil has already been defeated and as of today you and the Democrats have chosen which side you are on. If you all continue down this path until you leave this world then your fate will be sealed. A fate I would not wish on my worst enemy.  One thing is assured, I will pray for those who have chosen to embrace lies and darkness that they may turn to the light and embrace truth.

So what should you take away from this? You should not pass on emails without at least verifying the Truth of what is being said. This action can destroy credibility and aid the enemy. The Anti-Christ forces will ultimately destroy themselves. The Truth will always prevail and only the Truth will set them free. Verify, research and check everything for Truth.

Proclaim the Truth, for in doing so you are advancing the Kingdom of God.

May God bless you,
Truth Crisis


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  1. charlotte
    charlotte at |

    Thank you for clarifying my President was NOT on MEET THE PRESS in SUNDAY
    SEPT 7, 2008….. ALL that aside, you are more dangerous than the people who posted this garbage. I also believe in GOD and TRUTH and if you think the Catholic Church is truth, check out what the new pope is doing, he is trying to right the wrongs of hundreds of years of lies…. but I am not here to attack the Catholic Church. Each man has the right in this country to believe as he believes and worship in any way he wishes to worship, our President defends that right for us… But we all have the quest of truth.
    If you think the Democrats are bad, it was a Republican President who was involved in 9/11 and Yes Gary, it was an inside job. Bush knew about it… they have never found any evidence of passengers or luggage or engine parts etc, But GOD handles his own affairs of those who break his commandments, and it is not for me to worry about. But the Republican President Bush invaded IRAQ under the guise of WMD and that also was a lie.. then they executed Sadam Hussein for defending his country against a foreign invader, we would have done the same. For Bush it was all for the MONEY and CHENEY and RUMSFIELD it was all about the OIL and the MONEY… so please when you say your prayers tonight, pray that GOD Is a loving and forgiving GOD as we have been told and if you are going to spiel garbage, at least have it right or when you stand before Him as we all will eventually do, no matter how we believe, we still believe in the one true GOD, remember you will have to answer for your impact on others both pro and con.

    1. John L. Jones
      John L. Jones at |

      Charlotte … does your doctor know that you are loose, without your medication? Your anger is daunting. I suggest you analyze politicians on their own merit – for what they do and don’t do – and not defend them based on comparison to others – don’t be such a fool or a tool. As for Saddam Hussain he was not executed for defending his Nation … he was executed, by Iraq, for being a mass murderer (gassing thousands), for pillaging the wealth of his Nation, and for putting people (literally) through shredders and hundreds of other crimes against humanity. He was NOT a patriot. Go back to your doctor – get new meds.

    2. Mike Uptegrove
      Mike Uptegrove at |

      Boy, Charlotte, are you an idiot!

    3. Narmvyguy
      Narmvyguy at |

      You’re an idiot.

    4. Jim in the USA
      Jim in the USA at |
      1. Seth Malloy
        Seth Malloy at |

        Not one mention of the flag but a hell of a lot more substance than anything Trump has given in all of his interviews combined. Thanks for the link.

  2. kp
    kp at |

    Charolette: You sound like you are the crossroads of paranoia and goofy streets.
    On 9/11, so because they never found engine parts (which isn’t necessarily accurate), those planes we all watched flying into buildings on television were fake?
    Unfortunately, human bodies basically vaporize when the temperatures are as hot as those explosions were. WMD’s? First, just because nothing was found doesn’t mean that they weren’t transferred out of the country prior to our invasion. Is that possible? Yes, it very much is. Secondly, President Bush, along with John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton and a host of other leaders agreed, based on information, that WMD’s were being used. Bush may or may not have been in error on this. But he wasn’t a lone duck on the issue. And if money and oil were the motives, then where is that money and oil? Why is the deficit nearly 18 trillion, and why have gas prices doubled since the Iraq invasion?
    Charolette, with you its not an inside job. Try Nut Job!

    1. SixFootThree
      SixFootThree at |

      Charlet is correct about 9/11. Iraq was not a threat as per CIA intelligence. As a matter of fact the CIA warned Bush about Osama but he ignored them and even blew their cover just so he could invade Iraq. This is FACT. I’m not saying I agree 100% with Charlotte, I’m just stating the facts about 9/11. It’s a shame that you don’t know the truth. As for your question about where all the money from the oil in Iraq went? Certainly not to the American bank account it went to Haliburten and to GW Bush in the private sector. How can you be so uninformed?? It’s scary.

  3. Donna
    Donna at |

    Hi there Gary,

    I had seen this flag pin story posted in the yahoo comments today. While it would not surprise me for things like this to be said by Obama; I wanted to try and find the truth. That is how I found your site.

    I am leaving this reply to say thank you very much for your staunch commitment to the truth. The truth will set us free. I am a big fan of the truth; whether I like it or not. It is refreshing and empowering to be aware of your commitment. Thank you very much for being unyielding in your stance for truth. Good job!

    God bless you, too.

  4. Vicky Feigel
    Vicky Feigel at |

    Wow, Gary, I also was going to “slam” Charlotte, but you did the best for all. I can’t get over the stupidity she wrote. Charlotte needs to move to a third world country if she believes President Bush had anything to do with 9/11, except help. I can only imagine she had a very limited education and must have drank the Cool-Aid?
    Vicky Geigel

    1. SixFootThree
      SixFootThree at |


  5. John Guze
    John Guze at |

    Appreciate you passion and quest for seeking and reporting the “Truth”. You can improve your QUEST by stating the Catholic Church has been around for 2000 not 200 years as it appears in your article.

    Pax, Mir, Peace, Shalom, Pace’

  6. Patti Walters
    Patti Walters at |

    Gary, thank you for your exposure of the fallacy of the story of Obamas appearance on Meet the Press. However as Christian all of my life (81yr) I am offended by your exclusion of the millions of Christian believers who are not members of the Catholic Church. All true believers in Jesus Christ are seekers of the truth. My church accepts other true believing churches as brothers and sisters in the Faith. I pray we can work together to renew the love of God and Christ The Lord to this country and the world.

  7. Gayle
    Gayle at |

    The one true church is the Church of Jesus Christ. All the original 12 disciples of the one true church were Jews! All who are Messianic believers are of the one true church.

    In the Love of Yeshua…Gayle

  8. Raymond O. Jett
    Raymond O. Jett at |

    I have been posting about “Meet The Press” Bash me if you will but I believe it to be the closest thing to the truth as anything I have read or seen in news casts! I base this on all the things that Obama has done in his horrible example of being a president. All he has done to weaken the USA in his Dealings OR Non-dealings show his consistency in damaging the US image on a world wide basis.
    I am part of the problem as I voted a terrible ballot in 2008 as a blind , trusting 8 Year veteran believing Obama would be a great president. By his actions and disrespect to our Constitution and our Christian nation. I have a new view of Obama and his appointments in key positions of government, and I believe I should be more alert to this nation being destroyed “from the inside”. I hope I have not “bashed” anyone for their beliefs as i see many who have replied has !!
    Proof of the puding will be after the cook serves !!!

  9. Dave
    Dave at |

    Gary, Et al, I believe everyone is missing the point here. The “catholic” church (not the Catholic religion is what is being referred to when saying the One True Church is the Church of Jesus Christ. The catholic church (lower case) is the one true church of Jesus Christ.

  10. Maria O'Brien
    Maria O'Brien at |

    Gary, I agreed with a lot of your speech but in reality we can not judge anyone on this earth. It is by the Grace of God that we can reach heaven one day. It is not by your doing, giving and present to others like a perfect Christian God knows each one of us and it is for us to let the Holy Spirit reside in our heart and them we will see paradise on our beautiful world that He created for each one of us. He can saved any one when He knows you are His child.
    The devil is trying very hard to confuse all of us.

    The God of creation love every one that turned and see the light that is shining for all of us.

  11. Steve Pollack
    Steve Pollack at |

    Gary, I don’t understand a few things about the Catholic Church.. Maybe you can explain some things for me.. I am a Born again Christian, and I go to a Evangelistic Church.. The thing I don’t understand about the Catholic Church is the Pope has the power to change Gods word in the Bible.. ie At one time Divorce was not accepted
    Also During the war we had with Germany. The Catholic Church allowed organize crime families in the USA to guard the bank accounts of the churches money here in the USA so Hitlers secret org. couldn’t get a hold of any of it.
    In return , The Catholic Church gave Absolution to these criminals who would kill each other in rival gang massacres. illegal gun running, gambling, and prostitution. and they would just go on as business as usual.. without living a life that reflects Christ. How could the Church condone that

  12. Steve Pollack
    Steve Pollack at |

    AS far as divorce in the past……. years ago it was against the Church for a woman to divorce a man..Plus how can we pray for someone who has already has passed away?

  13. Curly
    Curly at |

    “To anger a Conservative, lie to him. To anger a Liberal, tell him the truth.” – Theodore Roosevelt

  14. Benjamin Gale
    Benjamin Gale at |

    Gary, I am embarrassed to say, you really caught me. I forwarded that email to a whole list of contacts without checking its validity. A friend checked it out using GOOGLE and sent me your comments. You taught me a well deserved lesson. I have subsequently emailed the same list with your statement wand my sincere apologies. This will never happen again. Thanks Ben Gale

  15. Bettye Jo Martin
    Bettye Jo Martin at |

    Even Protestants belonging to churches who recite the Apostiles Creed say, “,,,I believe in the Holy Catholic Church, …”

  16. Frank Cochise
    Frank Cochise at |

    Gary, is it me or a mistake on your part ? In the article you claim it’s not factual as a person from arizona named “John Semmons” made the statement in 2007. (SEE BELOW) yet the statement is attributed to Obama making the statement on meet the press on September 7th, 2008. So Semmons was seeing into the future ?

    So where did this email originate? It turns out it was originally written by a conservative blogger named John Semmens of Arizona in 2007. And unfortunately the article was pulled, taken down Click Here to see original page P.S. You won’t find it as it has been taken down.


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